Nowadays context has propitiated architecture dependance, fundamentally, on the economic benefit of its promoters, situation in which the architect intends to make, every time, a representative building that symbolizes both novelty and future, a new environmental architectural approach, as if it were a new way of doing things.

For Albor group, the study of the context constitutes the essence, the distinctive element of his architecture project, perceiving the necessity to establish a dialogue with it, even if the final goal is to deny the whole work; this is demanded as an unavoidable category and a key to transgress and propose something different.

Considering its capacity to modify physical environments, the architecture can provide us with a new reality, commitment that Albor assumes in a very particular way, with variables that take into account surroundings. This way, in places where the environmental quality is high, dialogues start between architecture and landscape, suggesting new object-nature relationships, in which the space and the existent structures are changed in order to offer new forms of taking advantage of the area resources.

However, the absence of materials to respond the demands and the communication and cultural problems, have contributed to a remarkable deterioration of the environmental quality of our cities, even the most important patrimonial urban centers. As a result of this, we try to offer variants geometrically more adequated, where the aesthetics resides in the aptitude of the form, trying to get the biggest sustentabilidad through the use of passive methods, with volumetric solutions that favors the shade on walls and roofs, and the enhancing of natural light and solar radiation control in the interior spaces, so obtaining the maximum benefits from the natural resources.

Our aesthetic conception, in this sense, defends sober designs in spaces full of light and breeze, discarding what it is not necessary and bringing together beauty and functionality, taking out all the passion that doesn't lead to the essence of things, and always keeping the idea of working with the highest compromise in every task given to us.